Phenomenon Milky Way on Mount Bromo | Bromo Milky Way - Milky Way is a natural phenomenon that occurs at midnight, namely a collection of millions of stars that have a volume like dust and gas also located in the disc / galaxy plane. If you want to see the Milky Way phenomenon, it is the best time when the weather is clear without clouds between 1:00 WIB and 04:00 AM and occurs during the dry season between April and September.

Bromo tourism not only has a view of the beauty of the sunrises (Bromo sunrise tour) and a caldera with views and weather that make visitors feel at home for a vacation, but Mount Bromo also has other uniqueness or natural phenomena that are much loved by photographer lovers around the world, namely the Milky Way Phenomenon. Bromo or better known as Bromo Milky Way.

The phenomenon of "Milky Way on Mount Bromo" is in great demand by domestic and foreign tourists. Basically, they really like or have hobby in photography and want to hunt for the Milky Way or Bromo Milky Way. Many foreign tourists say that the Milky Way phenomenon on Mount Bromo is one of the best so many photographers are chasing time to see a rare phenomenon that occurs in the tourist area of Bromo.

The best time to experience the Milky Way phenomenon in Mount Bromo, you need to rest early at the nearest hotel in the Tengger mountain area then start visiting at 01.00 AM with the only transportation to go to several interesting places that have been shared, namely by the Bromo jeep.

Once you've got your chosen spot, you just wait for the bromo milky way to appear while looking for a suitable place to place your tripod and camera until it's ready to capture. After finishing enjoying Bromo Milky Way, you can continue to enjoy Sunrise at 05:20 and end by taking photos for Mount Bromo View because from the top of the 1 bromo climb, all views will look amazing and be able to capture all parts that offer a million beauty such as Mount Batok , Bromo crater and Bromo caldera, which surround "Mount Bromo" and the highest mountain in East Java, namely Mount Semeru.

There are several places to enjoy the Milky Way phenomenon on Mount Bromo which is very beautiful and amazing, namely Penanajakan 1 Bromo, Pananjakan 2 Bromo, Bukit Kingkong Bromo, Bukit Cinta, of all these places have different beauties but all of them do not leave the characteristic beauty Mount Bromo, with a record of sunny weather, the minimum time is 2 days 1 night. If you want to enjoy the beauty of all the hills, then at least 4 days 3 nights.

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Milky Way phenomenon in Mount Bromo